Welcome to the first stop of the e-Enduro International Series sponsored by Mondraker.

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Welcome to the first stop of the e-Enduro International Series sponsored by Mondraker.
For this premiere, we’ll travel all the way down to the south of Spain, in Güejar Sierra, a corner of the amazing area of Granada, during the weekend of April 13 and 14, 2019. It will be an unforgettable two-days experience of pure e-biking, surrounded by a beautiful environment at the foot of Sierra Nevada and just few kilometers away from Granada, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Riders coming from all countries, will face each other for these two days, on the first International race dedicated to this format; something that resembles the traditional mtb Enduro, but with nuances to push the e-bike experience on a higher level! The race track will be ready for training from Thursday 11th of April at 9:00, in the way to give to all riders enough time to practice!


On Saturday 13 the circuit wil start from the Plaza Mayor de Güejar, from the finish area, and it will pass through the surroundings of Quentar, a relatively new spot for the e-biking, but that hides numerous fantastic itineraries including the 5 amazing special stages; one of them will be 100% e-bike designed and the other 4 will be a more classic format with an eminently downhill profile! In between, there will be the a mandatory pause in Quentar, where riders will find a feeding zone and the place for the technical assistance, and they will have 40 minutes time to recharge the batteries, through the “Octopus” multi plug system. Sunday 14, after leaving again from the Plaza Mayor, the riders will challenge themselves with a much more rocky and rough race track, distributed in the surroundings of Güejar Sierra. They will have to take care of the punctures, the sharped rocks are hungry of tires, and the suspensions must be setted perfectly. The challenge is really big here, a fast circuit where the succession of special stages will require a maximum concentration level! Also on this day, riders will find a feeding zone and the place for the technical assistance, and they will have 40 minutes time to recharge the batteries, through the “Octopus” multi plug system.

TO KEEP SATURDAY, APRIL 13 1st Special Stage:

this first stage will be “just” 1 kilometer of length and 122 meters of difference in hight. We’ll get to the start after a constant climb from the exit of Güejar, so we will arrive “warm to start”. This won’t be too demanding, but anyway, it will start to make some selection among the pilots. With the transfer at the endof ST1, will arrive at the highest point of the day, 1460 meters, then we’ll descend a few meters looking for the longest special of the day, the ST2.

2nd Special Stage:

The longest of the day, with almost 2.5 kilometers and 452 meters of altitude drop. A precious timed stage we could name “the stage of the day”; you will ride through a flowy wooded area (a rarity here) almost all the way down to Quentar. At the end, we will transfer quickly to ST3.

3rd Special Stage:

  • This will be completely different from the previous one; arid semi-desert will open the view to the amazing scenery of Sierra Nevada and Quentar,.
Steep and open to the valley, this stage will last just few minutes, but short doesn’t mean easy, dont’ forget that! Once in Quentar we will have deserved a while of rest for the technical stop and to recharge batteries.

4th Special Stage:

After replenishing forces, we will look for the 4th and penultimate special, a short section of 1.20 kilometers, with 170 meters of vertical drop with numerous switchback in its final section, where you will play with your e-bike in its pure state.

5th Special Stage:

This Stage will be similar to the ST4, with numerous 180 degrees turns where the handling of the ebike will be crucial. Take care to the big stones you’ll find on the trail, because they are just waiting to pinch or cut you tires… At the end of the stage, a fast transfer will let return us to Güejar Sierra, but not before a steep climb, and after then, straight down to the Plaza Mayor!


The race track of the second day will be a little easier, since transfers will be shorter and Stages will be basically in a row, but a bit more demanding in the technical aspects, because the terrain will put pilots and bikes to 100%. The setting of suspensions, the choice of tires and their pressures is essential today! 4 Special Stages “back to back”, for a shorter distance, but that will result in a succession of special stages without giving time to almost feel a rest..

1st Special Stage:

Timed stage uphill, a climbed stage that require a medium/good riding technique, with some 180º curves that will put to the test the ability of each rider! Without almost resting, we’ll arrive at the ST2 located at the pass of the Sheriff.

2nd Special Stage:

Special Stage very fun, with numerous changes of direction, but technically very bearable. Caution with the many loose stones. After this, stretch and go up to the ST3, where there will be the technical stop zone (40 minutes of mandatory recharging) and feeding zone.

3rd Special Stage:

This is a very interesting stage. After passing through the technical stop area, just in front of it, it will start a super complete timed stage, with pedaling, technical and very visual areas. A whole “guide-book” of Enduro e-bike riding in just a Special Stage! We think that this is the Stage that will make the difference among the strongest riders.

4th Special Stage:

The final strike! After a brief transfer at the end of the previous stage, we’ll face one of the jewels of Güejar, a section with 3 kilometers in length and 375 meters of altitude, a descent worthy of an International Championship. Eye wide open with the punctures, this is a “tubeless-zone”, it’s very important to check the tires pressure and the suspensions set-up before to open the throttle! Source: Press Office – Race events  srl – via cappelletti,7 Trezzo Tinell, To 12050 Italy
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