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BikeChange Global MarketplaceYou may be asking yourself why has someone created yet another Cycling marketplace? Are you crazy? In this article, I will be illustrating the main reasons that makes this project different from the others. First of all, this project has been created by the consultancy Mark Chambers Cycling Marketing & Sales (a respected ex-pat Export and Marketing Cycling consultant living in Brescia, Italy.) Mark Chambers Cycling Marketing & Sales Mark has been heavily involved in the cycling marketing world since 2006 in Italy when he was invited by Carrera-Podium bikes to reposition their brand online successfully. Consequently, Mark was infected with the cycling bug and this passion continues to this very day where he is involved in cycling brands looking to position themselves in the United Kingdom or Italy. You will probably see Mark Chambers often at the main European trade shows such as Eurobike or replying to the many questions asked to him online thanks to his extensive social media presence. Present Social media Visibility and activity 13/02/2020 i.e the things we have created and run:
  • Facebook page Cambiobici: 4607
  • Facebook profile: 1587
  • Facebook Group – Mercatino Occasioni: 7674
  • Facebook page – Bikechange.guru (new): 290
  • Facebook page – Bikechange.co.uk (new): 120
  • Facebook page – Bikechange.us (new): 158
  • Facebook page – Ukgravel.bike: 1226
  • Facebook Group – Ukgravel.bike: 6318
  • Facebook Group – Ukgravel.bike Marketplace Group: 2458 members
  • Instagram – Ukgravel.bike: 284
  • Linkedin: 2043 cycling sector connections
  • Strava Uk Gravel Bike Club: 715 members
Just think! Your Cycling adverts become part of this visibility automatically when registering and publishing on the following sites. http://www.bikechange.us The website has a free registration process then you can Pimp your adverts with low-cost options and features. Now that’s what I call value for money! Use the ‘Limited time’ promo code ‘launch19’ at checkout when you order the ‘mortirolo’ package for unlocked features. This will enable you to use the site for free for 90 days with no financial risk… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLCmfETAeH4&t=212s What have you got to lose? nothing! What have you got to gain? you will only know signing up… https://www.bikechange.guru/register/

Sell your Cycling Articles & Services online

1. The Vision of the project. Our vision is to create the first global low-cost bespoke marketplace connecting all of the major cycling continents together. Connecting the Public to the cycling trade and services world (enabling a better reciprocal understanding between the two realities which have drifted far apart in these past 20 years) The Main Categories are open to the following Products and Services
Find out more about the project visiting our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCifnRRb0RIZ0Co-WgT2ySPQ 2. To be free or not to be free… that is the question? Most of the cycling marketplaces use ‘free subscription’ strategy in order to entice people to sign up and publish their articles. But ladies and gentlemen when a stranger in the high street offers you something free? What do you do? Be honest you refuse as you do not know if the person can be trusted. There is always the thought in the head… What’s the catch? And folks would you work for free? In order to compete with the mass of Marketplaces scurging the web, we have had to also offer a free registration with limits applied to the free ad – so you can test out our marketing platform in the early stages. Then if you want to pimp your advert and increase the visibility we have a selection of low-cost options available: – Unlock more adverts – Prime Position – Longer time duration for your advert Visit our Youtube Channel to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCifnRRb0RIZ0Co-WgT2ySPQ 3. The Online/Offline marketing Process involved in getting your adverts visible. Discover the BikeChange Marketing Funnel Conclusion This is not yet another online trade accelerator that will magically solve your cycling sales sending you on that dream holiday or allowing you to live a lifestyle of luxury. Bikechange.guru is a serious online project fueled by the dynamism and experience of Mark Chambers Cycling Marketing & Sales. This is not a site which is left uncontrolled in content and quality. Continuous work is put into this project daily in the office and out and around at trade shows and cycling meetups. Remember we are always on hand to help you out an to have a friendly chat! So what do you have to lose? Nothing to be honest. Build up your free account and decide how you want to personalize the success of your adverts with add-on ‘low-cost formula’ options. You may be also tired of guessing the correct value. We have a solution for that as well: activate the Bidding function on your advert and receive proposals from interested buyers, It’s all rather a bargain. Think about what it costs nowadays for a sector media writeup or a dedicated marketing specialist to strengthen your brand awareness online… With BikeChange.guru you have that in-house online marketing specialist working for you every day to get your adverts visible in every cycling household attached to the web in the USA, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, ITALY and CHINA. Brands are more than welcome to send us their official press releases in English or Italian for publication in our ‘blog’. https://www.bikechange.guru/blog/ So we are looking forward to seeing Cyclists, Brands, Shops, Cycle-Tour Guides, Bike Rents and Bike friendly hotels signing up through Facebook/twitter or leaving your details via our secure registration form online ( remember to check your spam folder always), making their activities visible online in the USA, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, ITALY and CHINA. HEY USA, CANADA, UK, ITALY AND CHINA… SIGN UP NOW! EASILY FIND THE BEST CYCLING BUYER & SELLER ONLINE
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