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It’s called FANTAmtb: it’s the fantasy cycling app just launched on all stores. The first in the off-road world and completely Made in Italy. Downloads are already booming, given the rich prizes up for grabs (€13,000 prize money) and a unique historical archive in the world.

A project that required 2 years of work, thanks to an impressive historical archive: catalogued all the World Cups, World Championships and Olympics of: BMX, Enduro, Marathon, 4X, DH and XCO, including the new Short Track and Team Relay disciplines. As if that weren’t enough, there are over 900 cards relating to historic athletes who have made the history of MTB.

FANTAmtb® offers, in addition, a database of over 1000 athletes registered between Enduro, Downhill and Cross Country (continuously updated database): biography, photos, palmares and the related FANTAprice. Everything is listed in a simple and intuitive way, so as to be easily consultable even for those who do not live only on bread and mountain bikes.

The game mechanism is easy and intuitive, like any self-respecting fantasy game: given a pre-established budget of 350 FANTAmilioni, you have to compose your own team of 15 athletes (9 males and 6 females). The categories are Downhill, Cross Country and/or Enduro. For each race, it will then be necessary to line up 9 athletes, designating a captain who will act as a joker (double score).

The 2023 race calendar will be the MTB World Cup, followed in full by the global giant Discovery Sports. There will be no shortage of informative news on the world of MTB, published daily, e-commerce and forums. Well-developed, full of unique statistics and packed with content, the FANTAmtb App fills a void in the MTB world.

FANTAmtb can be downloaded for free on Android and the AppStore and is available in 2 languages: Italian and English.

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