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As we know, getting the right position on the saddle plays a key role in riding safely and feeling confident enough to tackle any ride. But fewer people realize that this also depends on another extremely important element found in cycling shorts: the pad. Protective padding must make riders feel comfortable and at ease on the saddle so that all they have to do is focus on where they are going. And this vastly improves the safety of the rider.

Every rider knows how important it is to wear the right kit and to use the right gear suitable for the type of ride, temperature and routes. Feeling safe and being properly dressed also help riders to pay more attention to the road, which greatly benefits their safety.

One aspect that boosts cyclists’ confidence out on a ride is feeling comfortable on the saddle. Not having to worry about any soreness, irritation, or pain caused by an uncomfortable position on the bike for example means that riders automatically concentrate purely on riding: plus this helps their health and performance as well.



In addition to selecting a suitable bike and the best helmet and clothing, cyclists also need to invest in cycling shorts that are right for their body shape and chosen discipline, and also appropriate for the length of their bike ride and the type of terrain or road where they plan to ride.

And this is where the pad comes in.

A pad that is unsuitable for a rider’s body shape or chosen discipline can result in unpleasant consequences, discomfort, and suffering. When choosing a product that gets up close and personal with the most intimate parts of their body, riders should only make their purchase after careful consideration and weighing up all the facts, how many hours will I be cycling? What will the terrain be like? These are just two of the key questions that need to be answered before buying any cycling shorts.

For Elastic Interface, the pad is a real interface that must respond to the stresses coming from the ground during a ride and be stretchy and flexible enough to match the rider’s movements. Ensuring that the pad is in the correct position inside the cycling shorts is vital: just a couple of millimetres further forward or back is often enough to cause discomfort because, if the contact with the saddle is not optimal, chafing or annoying creases are created.

The exclusive materials (https://www.elasticinterface.com/magazine/materials-for-elastic-interface-chamois/) developed by Elastic Interface with their own partners provide a four-way stretch and enable them to develop pads that adapt flawlessly to the cyclist and match every movement, giving riders the perfect domestic working for their benefit on every ride.

A good cycling pad can actually have a positive impact on a cyclist’s performance and health. No matter how far or over which terrain cyclists plan to ride, there is a pad that is just right for them and their needs: choosing the right sized cycling shorts fitted with the right padding for your body shape and

riding requirements ensures greater comfort on any ride and enhances rider’s performance and focus in the saddle. Opting for brands (https://www.elasticinterface.com/it/brands/) that have chosen to use Elastic Interface in their cycling shorts is the first step on the road to a safe purchase when buying such a crucial piece of kit. Another suggestion when buying cycling shorts is to try them on first. One more top tip is to go to www.elasticinterface.com and, based on the pad design, check out exactly which specific features are offered by the pad chosen by the clothing manufacturer. This is an easy way to see whether these are the right shorts for you, or if you need to choose shorts with a different pad.


When it comes to safety and confidence, Elastic Interface is only too happy to join forces with anyone that promotes safer cycling on our roads. And this is what happened when Elastic Interface decided to partner with the Italian ultra-cyclist and Guinness World Record holder Paola Gianotti. Paola Gianotti is no stranger to the dangers feared or experienced by most cyclists on the roads. She was inspired to start her campaign to promote cyclist safety after her road accident back in 2014 when a motorist ran her over in Arizona during her cycling world tour. Together with Marco Cavorso – whose 13-year-old son Tommaso was killed by a motorist that crossed a solid white line to illegally overtake four cars – and champion cyclist Maurizio Fondriest, Paola started a campaign for the protection of cyclists on the roads and founded the Rispetto il Ciclista (I Respect Cyclists) Association. Over the years, Paolaís initiatives have enabled her to keep promoting the campaign to introduce the rule that motorists keep 1.5-meter distance from cyclists when overtaking. Thanks to this, over 400 Italian municipalities have installed more than 4,500 road signs. The campaign has now become a government bill in Italy, “Provisions for protecting cyclist safety” promoted by Federciclismo (the Italian Cycling Federation) as well as by the Respect Cyclists Association. Follow Elastic Interface for all the latest updates about cycling road safety at https://www.elasticinterface.com/it/magazine/
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