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Complete redesign makes for the fastest, most elegant astra model to date

For nearly 30 years the Astra model has been hand-made in the Basso factory in northeastern Italy. The first model, released in 1990, was constructed from CroMo and welded to perfection by the exacting hands of the Basso staff. From its alloy origins to its modern-day composite structure the Astra has evolved through 5 generations of exquisitely made racing frames. The latest in this long line of prestigious frames is one that generates a great deal of pride for the entire Basso staff as it represents the cumulative knowledge and experience gained from building the previous 5 models.

The all-new 2020 Astra pushes the limits farther than any version before it and does so with a good dose of style. Produced entirely in house by the skilled hands of the Basso staff, the latest version of the Astra model incorporates a great deal of technology that derives from its upper tier siblings and adopts a design that follows a tighter family feeling than ever before. Its pure racing pedigree is evident as many similarities between it and both Diamante models can be seen even upon first glance.

Astra incorporates the tried, tested and racer approved Basso geometry and mates it with a sophisticated tube structure that adds efficiency thanks to both form and function. While aerodynamic thanks to tube profiles the new model is also more efficient thanks to the functional properties of the carbon structure. Vertically compliant and laterally stiff makes for an efficient structure that provides elements of comfort and connection to the road surface when conditions are less than perfect.
A larger, more solid head tube joins with an extremely efficient downtube, made more so thanks to a particular form highlighted by its characteristic side “channel”. Both tubes couple with completely redesigned chain stays to confer fantastic power transfer thanks to a solid, reactive complete unit of lower tubes (head tube, down tube, chainstays). Seat stays take on a particular shape to allow for greater compliance while not sacrificing in the least in terms of efficiency and reactivity.

Constructed from 100% 3k Torayca High Modulous Carbon Fiber from a blend of T700 and MR60 fibers, the Astra is capable of offering performance on par with its higher tier siblings with the only compromise coming in the form of a few extra grams. Constructed by hand, in house, the Astra, just as the rest of Basso frames, are made to be as beautiful inside as out.

Add to the prestigious structure of the new model several design characteristics most commonly seen in higher priced offerings and you have not only a podium worthy race bike but one that represents a fantastic value proposition. The integrated seatpost clamp, internally routed cables, premium paint job and extremely minimal and sophisticated graphic design make for a beautiful ride that punches well above its weight in terms of tech, performance, reliability and value.

The all new Astra is a fine example of the Basso philosophy of a functionally beautiful, beautifully functional product that is produced to a higher standard. A true made in Italy made better by Basso is a bike that everyone should aspire to own. With the 2020 version of the Astra that is an aspiration within reach of a wider audience.

Ride Better, Ride Basso.

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Source: Basso Bikes Press Office

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