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The new ALÉ Spring-Summer 2021 collection of cycling garments is here. Silver and carbon fiber yarns, Body Mapping, anti-static fabrics, UV protection, high ventilation, ergonomics and comfort: these are just some of the many special features of the new garments. Bonferraro di Sorgà (VR), Italy, 25th March 2021 – Alé Cycling launches on the market its Spring-Summer 2021 cycling clothing collection. The collection features six main categories: R-EV1 PRS – PRO RACING SYSTEM PRR – PRO RACING RESEARCH SOLID OFF-ROAD GRAVEL TRIATHLON In addition there is also the GUSCIO line of windproof jackets, the protective garments of the famous KLIMATIK® line, and a wide range of accessories to match with the jersey’s graphics, including gloves, caps, socks, arm- and legwarmers or masks. Here are the “flagship garments” of the main collections dedicated to road cycling: R-EV1, PRS and PRR. R-EV1 is an exclusive capsule collection that combines style and technology. Its garments stand out thanks to their refined concept, the technology of the materials and the details of the finishes. From silver yarns to Body Mapping, the line offers cutting-edge hi-tech textiles and guarantees excellent performances in terms of aerodynamics, lightness, style and comfort. The Silver Cooling jersey is made in part with silver yarns, giving it an anti- static, anti-smell and anti-bacterial effect, and maintaining an ideal body temperature, even on very hot and humid days. Body Mapping technology, by highlighting the areas of the body where the heat builds while cycling, enabled Alé to design the jersey down to the smallest detail, providing lightness and breathability where needed. Special mention goes to the Jacquard fabric used for the sleeves and for the lower back side of the jersey. The Race 2.0 jersey perfectly combines style, comfort and technicality. Its Aero Check Mesh fabric on the sides will provide the maximum aerodynamic effect and breathability, ideal for any type of ride. The Artika jersey is the perfect protection against the hottest days thanks to its UV 50+ protection and high ventilation fabrics, such as the Ceramic Breeze Skin 120. While wearing it, all you’ll think about will be your performance, while completely forgetting about the heat. The Velocity HD Race bib shorts are the perfect match for our jerseys. They are the most innovative and aerodynamic product in the Alé product range, entirely created using fabrics tested in the wind tunnel, resulting in the least friction possible. This comfortable garment guarantees lightness and a great sense of freshness, along with a race fit. K-Coldblack shorts have been designed to minimise sunlight absorption: they prevent heat buildups and offer reliable protection against UVA and UVB rays. Thanks to their “OPEN” design concept, they feature a back opening that facilitates sweat evaporation, minimising the layers of fabric on your back. The micro mesh fabric braces provide high breathability and are comfortable to wear.


This line was created in collaboration with Alé’s pro-team partners, such as the World Tour Alé BTC Ljubljana Team (Women’s team), Groupama-FDJ and Movistar Team. This is the best example of Alé R&D in terms of textile research, technical solutions, usability and comfort of the garments. Body Mapping, race fit ergonomics, high performances in terms of aerodynamics, ventilation, breathability and protection, make them the favourites of both the pros and high-level amateurs. The Bullet jersey, designed for the most challenging and high- performance activities, is a light and breathable jersey with antistatic and antibacterial Rap Dry Carbon fabric, with carbon fiber yarns. Ideal for the hottest days, it provides freshness, lightness and protection against UV rays. Finally, the Bridge jersey, with its distinctive horizontal lines design, is both comfortable and aerodynamic. Of course, it maintains the brand’s exciting and unmistakable style. The jerseys from the PRS collection match perfectly with a wide range of shorts both with matching graphics or with a more neutral look


This line is what Alé is all about. PRR is a timeless classic, famous and loved by all the amateur teams that purchased it over the years: a guarantee of grit and style, with unique and unconventional graphics. Cutting-edge technologies and fabrics, great attention to detail, ergonomic fit, lightness and breathability: these are the strengths of this line, a reference point for Alé Custom range too. Graphic research, apart from technological research, is the core of this collection. Imagination runs wild: ranging from the Smile women’s jersey, with its seductive and appealing look, the Butterfly jersey, an explosion of butterflies and colours, the Stars, a lively and fun jersey, or the Skull jersey, bold and trendy. See all graphic patterns and styles and explore the entire Alé Spring-Summer 2021 collection on  
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