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Cuneo (I), 3 March 2023 – Officine Mattio takes part in the international trade fair to be held in Düsseldorf from 10 to 12 March 2023.

Officine Mattio‘s booth is located in the Hall Alte Schmiedehalle at B3. Officine Mattio will also be present in the test area with some available models to be tried out in the dedicated area. Officine Mattio’s booth will be consisting of three thematic areas:

– The production process of OM carbon frames. OM will show some of the fundamental steps in the production process of Officine Mattio‘s frames. The trade fair visitors will have the possibility to see first-hand the carbon sheet and feel its different textures, then they will also be able to verify the lightness of the carbon tubes and observe their structure from the inside. Lastly, the last steps consist of seeing the raw frame and the painted frame. The process is totally “made in Italy” and entirely handmade in all its steps, including the painting, which is entirely done by a team of expert painters who make each bike one by one. At the stand there will be the possibility to see some videos recorded to document the creation of both carbon and aluminium frames, and to ask for all the information and discover the secrets of each step, directly with Officine Mattio’s staff.

– The second thematic area is dedicated to the graphic customisation of Officine Mattio’s frames. At the entrance those entering the stand will immediately perceive the great customisation that the OM brand allows. In fact, there will be an emotional installation that accompanies the visitor step by step into the stand, showing the great amount of colours present in the OM range. At the centre of the stand the painted OM tubes in their gloss and matt versions will actually be on display and the visitor will be able to touch the texture of the paint on the carbon tube. Alongside the display of Officine Mattio’s colours, it will be possible to try out how to directly make an OM bike thanks to the online Configurator placed on an interactive touch screen. The Configurator is the tool that can be found on the website: it allows the final consumers to quickly create the bike of their own dreams step by step, conceiving every little detail and choosing every bike set-up. It is also the tool developed by OM for its Dealers as a support system to enable them to realise together with their customers the perfect frame and the best configuration according to their needs.

– The last thematic area is obviously the entire OM range on display, together with some items from the OM Clothing range and the Sunglasses range. Officine Mattio will display the whole range of bikes in production: from the iconic Classica to the new Lemma RT. Launched in 2022, the Lemma is the new carbon fibre frame, which ranks at the top of the Cuneo-based brand’s Lemma family. Even the products of the clothing and eyewear range are “made in Italy” and will be on display in this area. The Officine Mattio’s team will be present together with OM’s official German distributor We Like Bike.

About Officine Mattio

Based in Cuneo, in north-west Italy, Officine Mattio was established in 2013 by Giovanni Monge Roffarello, a famous manager in the cycling world, who spent 24 years working in this field. The brand’s mission is to create wonderfully crafted frames, with the best materials, cutting-edge technologies and entirely made in Italy. The first product to reach the market was Lemma, a frame wrapped in carbon fibre named after one of the founder’s favourite uphill tracks. The steel-made Brondello and Eremo ensued, followed in turn by the SL (Superleggera in carbon fiber) and the gravel Santiago. In 2019 Giovanni was joined by four partners: Davide Lauro, Ricardo Pichetta, Roberto Barra and Luca Bertero. In 2021 Officine Mattio opened a new modern location in Cuneo. Today the company employs more than 20 people including internal employees and external collaborators. Cuneo is also present in the company’s logo, as it entails the shape of Monviso Peak, Officine Mattio has made personalization, elegance, and minimalism its hallmarks. Its three collections, Carbon, Metalli (Steel)and Gravel are exported into 50 countries worldwide, through more than 120 dealers across Europe, Asia, the United States, Australia and South America.  
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