How to sell your bicycle on BikeChange

admin May 29, 2019

How to sell your bicycle on BikeChange
With the advent of internet, it has been increasingly easy to sell or buy your bicycle online. However the web is harsh reality full of poorly managed marketplaces (90% of the time cloned by improvised cycling marketing consultants looking to make a quick buck!).This platform is managed by our online marketing team 24H. We take great pride in our Brand Reputation, hence we have decided to give you some useful tips before publishing on our platform.
  1. Benchmark the true value of you bicycle by surfing the web. Declare a realistic value in your advert.
  2. Be honest about the true state of your bicycle. Prepare it properly for sale.
  3. Give precise information about the bicycle ( brand, model, size…)
  4. Clean Your Bicycle properly, change the Bar tape, recondition the Group-set, hydraulic components & tyres.
  5. Take Really good Photos (fully focussed in good light conditions). Most Smartphones now take excellent images. Be careful about the background and macro detail shots of the frame and components.
  6. Publish your bicycle here
  7. Check your email for eventual contacts

Tips for sale day

  1. Choose a location that is not your home. Make it a public place
  2. Do not accept Bank Checks (except for bank cashier’s checks),Only accept Cash
  3. If the buyer wants to take your bicycle for a demo ride – insist on keeping his/her identity documents whilst the bicycle is being tested. Whilst he/she is testing the bicycle take a photo of his car and number plate.
  4. Leave a written receipt saying sold on the ……. Month and year to Mr/Mrs….. for the agreed sum of  ….. paid for in cash. Don’t forget to put on the receipt ‘SEEN AS SOLD’.
  5. Hand over full documents of the bicycle (manuals, eventual warranties….)

What your buyer will be checking

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