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Introducing Siryon:

A 29-inch, pedal-assisted, long-travel enduro bike. And the first of its kind.Developed in-house from A to Z at the Forestal Technology Centre in Andorra, it sets a new benchmark in design and engineering, taking integration and performance to the next level.Siryon brings to life a concept not seen before and conceived by Forestal as the natural evolution of modern mountain biking. A lightweight bike where agility, efficiency and versatility are the watch-words that define your day and coexist with the smartest technological innovations.As a result, Siryon features the most optimized carbon fibre monocoque frame to perfectly perform with an exclusive and patented suspension system, proprietary and custom-developed, super lightweight motor and battery, a fully integrated touch-display, and advanced connectivity via its own app.

The Origin

The fusion between Nature and Technology with one clear aim: Maximise people’s experiences and natural emotions. This is Forestal’s philosophy, having focused all our engineering towards this purpose.Bike model names get their main essence from the sky, its constellations and stars; each having its own character based on legends and myths of our history. Highlighting the symbols Y, representing the union of two paths into a single one, where nature and technology converge together; and ON for the pedal-assisted technology.Inspired by the light and its intensity, Forestal mountain bike models will receive three build kits following the names Halo, Neon and Diode.

Siryon. Enduro

Siryon gets its name for Sirius, the brightest star that can be seen in the night sky, denoting power and greatness; a perfect definition for our Enduro icon prepared for the toughest terrain and extreme riding style.
Siryon brings Forestal’s most innovative and sophisticated technologies, and will elevate the conception of what an Enduro mountain bike is capable of.

Forestal Alpha Box

Alpha Box Forestal’s distinctive design: dream bikes from scratch.

Forestal bikes have an unmistakable style, born from a common design ethos and created from a blank slate in pursuit of a pure riding experience. Our process has been inspired by nature, infused with the freedom of aesthetic passion and driven by the determination to develop and utilise the latest technology. What you see is the result of an unfettered process to follow the goal of peak performance. Free from the limitations of market pre-conceptions, compromises and niches, Forestal ignores the traditional barriers to create a unique ride.We proudly design, develop and create what we know works best as a package out on the trails. Every line of the Alpha Box frame, the position of every pivot, and every combination of carbon fibre is the uninfluenced judgment of our in-house Engineering Team. We created our own facilities – the Forestal Technology Centre – where we can control every aspect of the manufacturing process to achieve the highest quality standards. This bespoke facility is built to play a key role in our ongoing pursuit of excellence and reflects Forestal’s philosophy about how technological products should be designed, constructed and tested, be they high-end bikes or beyond.Alpha Box features carefully blend selected high and intermediate modulus carbon fibre on each part of the frame according to its needs and our exacting requirements. We mix to achieve flexibility in key areas that require comfort, and increased stiffness in others to improve the handling response. At Forestal we work to a level of detail that can only be achieved by making our frames in-house from start to finish.

Twin Levity Engineered to deliver.

The Forestal exclusive and patented Twin Levity suspension system is an engineering masterpiece focused on performance, riding experience and efficiency. There are more details about it than what you can see at first sight. Twin Levity is based on a single pivot system with key additional linkages that enhance its performance.We take the best of all worlds, like simplicity and lightweight, and boost them with the kinematic modifications of our multi-link system. It delivers on every level, from complete custom-engineered performance to total fine-tuning of the shocks.Twin Levity is optimized differently for every single size – so the Alpha Box frame design and Twin Levity suspension work harmoniously together. This means that a rider using a size S and a rider using an XL size will have the same weight distribution and the same riding experience, enjoying a perfectly balanced bike and the best possible suspension reactions.Siryon features Twin Levity specifically tuned for Enduro, laser- focused on giving you the best gravity-oriented ride – the set-up comes packed with 170mm of suspension travel and slacker, downhill- aligned geometry. Experience extra absorption at speed on the toughest terrain, exuding confidence in even the most demanding sections. Siryon provides greater stability, so jumps, drops and rock gardens are a breeze.

EonDrive Integrated. Essential. Enhanced.

Forestal’s proprietary drive system is distinguished for one reason; integration. Total integration in the design and total integration in an authentic Enduro riding experience – amplified and enhanced. It is the natural evolution of cycling, modernizing your rides without losing any of the essence and sensations offered by our sport; the key of our Active Flow concept. With EonDrive everything feels faster and smoother leaving you at one with the trail, and your senses and emotions intensified.A high-end component that is built to last, using advanced materials such as titanium for key parts and magnesium for the motor cover, extremely lightweight showing 1.95kg on the scale, and with a compact size allowing a narrow 170mm Q-factor so your pedaling feels as natural as on any bike, and just what your muscle-memory knows.

EonDrive has three assistance modes known as Eco, Sport and Race. There is a fourth mode that we’ve called Nitro mode: The real rocket booster. Nitro mode will assist you with peak power for quick access when you press the Nitro control button. – a ‘wildcard’ feature for the most difficult riding situations.With assistance off, the EonDrive is completely disengaged, so there’s zero additional transmission friction. EonDrive is so light and natural you’ll forget it’s there – all you feel is the enhanced riding experience. These are key points that help create the bike of today to intensify your riding.

EonDrive Technical Specifications

Weight: 1.95kg Size: 165 x 105 x 147mm Power / Torque: 250W / 60Nm Crankset: 32T Chainring / 104BCD / ISIS standard / Q-factor 170mm IP67 Protection Torque and cadence sensor to always offer a smooth pedal assistance.

Aurora battery Energy. Light. Beauty.

Many hours of research and engineering lead to the conclusion that a fully integrated and non-removable battery was the best option, helping to achieve the lowest weight target and a much cleaner and safer design. Thanks to all these details you have the freedom to roam; when you move on the bike and when you choose your destination.The 350Wh Aurora battery performs at another level attaining an outstanding autonomy. It uses the latest and most innovative battery cells known for their high performance and long life, as well as to be the perfect choice to create compact batteries. They do not suffer from memory effect and possess no regular cycling that batteries often require to extend their service life, and thanks to the rapid charge technology, only 1 hour 24 minutes are needed to bring Aurora to 80% of its capacity.

Aurora battery Technical Specifications

Weight: 1.8kg Size: 350 x 72 x 50.5mm Capacity: 350Wh / 700Wh with range extender battery Rapid charge technology 350Wh Range extender battery sold separately (fits bottle cage)

Baafang Headquarters

Powered by Bafang Technology Partnership.

Extraordinary projects born to set a new benchmark require to be at peak level in all areas, from the concept stages to the manufacturing, going through first-class design, innovation and engineering.The Forestal EonDrive and Aurora developments are the result of the unique Technology Partnership between Forestal and Bafang, that have allowed both companies to put together and share their best assets in order to achieve the established targets in a record time.A perfectly coordinated workflow involving engineering teams from both companies has proved there are no barriers when there is ambition and commitment for excellence. Bafang is one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete e-drive systems, capitalizing on a rock-solid know-how and the most advanced manufacturing methods to match the strictest levels of demand. Thanks to its gained heritage and privileged position, is able to participate in a tailor-made project from scratch and provide Forestal with the resources necessary to create motor and battery system that fulfils perfectly all the requirements for Siryon, as well those for future models. The Forestal EonDrive and Aurora battery are destined to be the reference-point in the industry of high-performance cycling.

Forestal Smart Dashboard Control. Interaction. Intensity.

Smart Dashboard delivers functionality to your fingertips that’s never seen before on a bicycle. Forestal’s pioneering innovation takes control and interaction with your bike to a new level. As you keep every aspect of your ride under control, you’re free to enjoy the pure intensity of the moment.A High Definition 3.2” Transflective touchscreen on the top tube is your key to the most advanced piece of communications technology ever used on a bike. The easy-to-use, easy-to-read touchscreen has been tested to extremes and proved to be waterproof, impact resistant, glove- friendly and bright enough for outdoor use whatever the conditions. Unparalleled communications and controlled in a tough package so you can focus on your ride.Smart Dashboard is fully enabled for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+, GPS and 4G – ready to communicate with almost any system – opening up a world of possibilities with its own internet connection. All in a super-efficient and low energy consumption package.

With Smart Dashboard you get immediate, easy access to more information about your ride and your bike than was ever possible before. From the important basics you’d expect, such as battery status and motor mode, to more advanced features like the complete navigation system with maps and geolocation as well as a new way to record, show and share all data about your rides. And beyond, to more extreme ride data – fun facts like the G-forces you hit on a turn or the seconds you spend airborne on jumps and off drops.You’ll get full action statistics to enjoy and analyse when the ride is finished, using Smart Dashboard’s own paired App. It even includes safety features such as an anti-theft system with a ‘Lost Mode’ to help facilitate recovery, if your precious Forestal bike ever goes astray.Forestal Smart Dashboard is packed with technology to amaze you today, including accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ambient light sensor, power meter… and all major connectivity options. But it is not only what you get with our system now, it is all that will come later – because there are more features and deeper functionality to follow: the Forestal Smart Dashboard is designed to improve through software updates released over time.

Forestal Smart Trigger Minimalistic control.

The Smart Trigger is an ergonomic, minimalist remote control located on the handlebar. In Assistance mode, with a simple touch of the finger, the LED indicators clearly show status of battery level and assistance mode. Like every component on Forestal bikes it’s connected to the Aurora battery so charging the bike and all its accessories is an easy process, using just one port.

Forestal APP

Siryon is permanently connected to the user’s smartphone via the Forestal app, making available data analysis and synchronising with third-party applications, keeping users as busy as riding the bike.An application that will not only elevate the user experience to unseen levels thanks to customisation options for most of the parameters and features of the bike, but will also bring the customers closer to the brand, having a wide range of tools for bike checking, maintenance, setups and warranty chats.The Forestal App is developed in-house at the Forestal Technology Centre in Andorra, ensuring a continuous flow of updates, providing an extraordinary added value with new features and options that will be available for all the Forestal components that can be found on Siryon; EonDrive, Aurora battery, Forestal Smart Dashboard and Smart Trigger.

Being inspired by the Polar Lights and its beauty, we dream up a special collection colour dedicated to that natural phenomenon.Frequently soaring across the sky between late September and late March, these amazing colours are produced from the collision between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the atmosphere of the earth. It’s like a celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky.

To celebrate this first launch, Forestal presents Siryon Edition one – Polar LightsAn exclusive and numbered limited edition with just 999 units being produced, featuring the brand’s official colour Lizard Green, and that will be available only through pre-sales.

Forestal Siryon


Payment Options


Amount € 2,000.00 Pre-sales price € 7,999.00


Full Payment (Exclusive pre-sales price ) € 7,499.00


About Forestal

Exceed all expectations. Forestal is born to be a worldwide reference. A modern corporation creating a community-based brand, where the products offered are much more than products and become part of people’s lifestyles.Truly Extraordinary.In the pursuit of setting a new benchmark in the industry, the brand will take control of every process involved by designing, engineering, manufacturing and assembling in its proprietary facilities in Andorra.It is not only a matter of delivering a final product to the market, but to do it in a way that the added value perceived by the end consumer is of the highest level. In order to achieve this goal, Forestal has been settled upon an incredibly talented and experienced group of people coming from different sectors like motorsports, aircraft engineering, IT development and the bike industry, as well as being provided with the most innovative and technologically advanced tools and means. 

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