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Introducing the innovative Elastic Interface® Palm Technology: the first seamless, three-dimensional stretch palm that revolutionizes the feeling of hand-to-bar comfort.

Revealed to the world at EUROBIKE 2019, the innovative new EIT Palm Technology is now available on the market. Elastic Interface®, the global leader in high-end, high-performance cycling pads, has transformed how we experience in-saddle comfort with its products.EIT Palm Technology delivers the first ever three-dimensional palm to be developed for cycling gloves, and takes the protection and comfort of your hands on the handlebars to a whole new level.The construction of the Elastic Interface® palm is a patented technology; its three-dimensional design has been developed with anthropometric parameters, and help from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padua.This innovation has enabled the Elastic Interface® palm to become a revolutionary detail that transforms how we experience hand-to-bar comfort when riding a bike: it adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand, improves blood flow, and dramatically reduces soreness in the ulnar nerve- so no more tingling fingers. Last but not least, the padding between the bar and hand helps to absorb the energy that comes from a firm grip on the handlebars.Alessandro Piccoli, engineer at Elastic Interface®, explains “As we pursued our strategy of improving the contact points between rider and bike to increase comfort and in turn enhance performance, we thought about how we could take our past twenty years of experience in the world of cycling pads and apply it to the hand-bike interface. We adapted our pad technology to the palm of the hand so that cyclists can now also find that level of comfort normally associated with our products in their favourite brands’ gloves.”OPTIMUM STRETCH, ANATOMICAL DESIGN, AND SEAMLESS CONSTRUCTIONThe essential features of this new technology, which is 100% Made in Italy from development through to making the materials, are the stretch, lack of seams, and anatomical design.“Firstly, analyzing the anthropometric parameters of the hand was essential to deciding the palm’s design,” explains Denis Bertoldo, head of R&D, “The comfort comes from the fact that this product is primarily designed to protect the rider. With protection comes comfort. And all this benefits performance: if a product performs well, the rider forgets it’s even there. The same applies to our pads, which are prized the world over for their quality. The EIT Palm Technology project aims to bring the same degree of comfort to cycling gloves too. Once we’d confirmed the design, we chose materials that enabled us to develop a product which would be extremely breathable with padding featuring a high capacity of elastic recovery. And finally, the grip fabrics ensure the rider has a firm grip on the handlebars.”Today, you can find the Elastic Interface® Palm Technology in the Unique Gloves by Q36.5 and in the Revo Gloves by De Marchi, but many more will follow. Discover all versions of the EIT Palm at the web page EIT Palm Technology.Source: Press Office – CyTech S.r.l. Via Roma,106 – 31020 San Vendemiano TV – ITALIA Via Beaumont 42 – 10138 Torino – ITALIA – Tel. +39 0438 403261 – Fax +39 0438 401718More details are available on the Official website

Website – www.elasticinterface.com

or download their pdf presentation below EIT Palm Technology by Elastic Interface.pdf
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