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Speed and temperature regulation are at the heart of these new garments in the Alé SS 2020 collection: Velocity G+ jersey, Velocity HD race shorts and the G+ DWR jacket. The jersey and the jacket are made from a Graphene-based fabric that helps cyclists push their performances to the max while keeping their bodies at the ideal temperature. Bonferraro di Sorgà (Verona, Italy), 18 June 2020 Already available in the best cycling shops in Europe and online, Velocity G+ is the innovative line of jerseys, jackets, that match with shorts and hi-tech socks, dedicated to cyclists who are chasing peak performances. Velocity G+ will arm cyclists with a precious ally that is as thin as an atom: Graphene. Graphene is a highly pure, non-toxic, plentiful, safe material, with the thickness equivalent to the size of a carbon atom. It has the mechanical resistance of a diamond and the flexibility of plastic. VELOCITY G+ jersey uses Core G+ featuring Graphene G+ technology, with the aim of achieving constant, active interaction between the body and fabric. Graphene is used to strengthen the membrane and allows the fabrics to work with the body to regulate the heat produced. On top of that, it is both anti-static and anti-bacterial (and therefore odour-resistant). In tests conducted in a climate chamber, Core G+ was able to effectively equalise body temperature, creating the ideal microclimate to keep cyclists comfortable even in the most unpleasant weather conditions. But the Velocity G+ jersey is not just about temperature. It also cuts through the air to speed cyclists along. The sleeves are made from Clima Aero, a soft, thin, stretchy fabric that has been tested in wind tunnels and whose textured surface replicates the aerodynamics of a golf ball, resulting in considerably less drag. This model has been designed using body-mapping technology for a tight race fit, with slightly longer sleeves with a laminated cuff. The back has three spacious, durable pockets, plus a fourth one with a YKK zip.

alè velocity jersey

Garment of the Alé R-EV1 collection dedicated to peak performance Weight: 110g only. Sun protection: UPF50+ Available in 3 colours. PRESS RELEASE RRP: €224.90

The most innovative, aerodynamic shorts in the Alé range, made entirely from fabrics that have been tested in a wind tunnel, are the VELOCITY HD. The panels on the side and the bands at the hemline are made from Aero G.140, a fabric with a low drag coefficient and a textured surface that reduces friction and therefore requires less effort to pedal. As for the crotch, it features Flash Wave technology that pairs e1 Absorption fabric with side panels to greatly improve moisture management and cool the body down. The new Velocity HD shorts are multi- panelled, tight-fitting and ergonomic, and have been assembled with visible flat seams. They boast the all-new CS Stability System, which adapts to different leg shapes to keep the shorts in place when pedalling, without squeezing the cyclist’s leg. In addition, they feature the Velocity 8H pad, which has a lighter front and has been shaped to reflect the cyclist’s body, even when bent over the saddle in the most aerodynamic position. This pad is made from protective foam with an open-cell structure, a “mesh” treatment and 3-mm perforations to evacuate moisture, thereby aiding breathability and drying. With its lifting capacity of 100kg/m3 and a thickness of 12 mm, it cushions impacts throughout your ride. Garment of the Alé R-EV1 collection dedicated to peak performance Sun protection: UPF50+ Available in one colour variant. Pad with Sanitized® anti-bacterial treatment and OEKO-TEX® and BlueSign® certified materials. RRP: €198,90
The G+ DWR Jacket is stretchy, fitted and highly breathable, and most importantly regulates body temperature thanks to its Graphene G+ technology. It is made from laminated, stretchy, water-repellent (15000 mm/H2O) and highly breathable Core 2L G+ fabric, with the revolutionary G+ technology housed inside. Tested in a climate chamber at a controlled temperature and humidity (14°C, 50%), it has been proven to evenly distribute the heat produced by the body during physical activity, equalising it and helping it disperse. The fabric therefore reduces the relative humidity of the skin inside the jacket to increase comfort during exercise and reduce the feeling of being chilled after training. The G+ also gives the fabric bacteriostatic properties that improve hygiene and prevent the development of unpleasant odours. This garment comes in a race fit, with no sail effect, making it tight- fitting, effective and aerodynamic. It is also waterproof, with a covered zip, storm flap and a coating to make it rainproof, as well as sealed seams.

Garment of the Alé Klimatik-Guscio collection dedicated to peak performance Available in one colour variant and in a sleeveless version. RRP: €230.90 Source: Vitamina  –
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