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Alé and Movistar Team are inviting all fans to design the jersey that the Movistar Team will wear in the first UCI race after the end of the COVID-19. The jersey, made by Alé, will then be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross and the Italian Civil Defense. With Alé and the Movistar Team: #SeguimosConectados Bonferraro di Sorgà (Verona), April 13, 2020. Cycling has taught us to never give up, to fall and recover, to get up on the pedals when the climb seems infinite and we no longer feel energy. Cycling has taught us that if a teammate is in difficulty, a push on the back is the most welcome help, especially if the climb is steep and the top seems far away. Alé Cycling and Movistar Team have thought about how to give “this push”, metaphorically speaking of course, and the idea that came out adapts to these quarantine times. Alé and Movistar Team invite all fans to design a special jersey: the official Movistar Team jersey, a unique piece that will be worn by the team during the first UCI race on the calendar, after the end of the quarantine. After the event, with the signing of all the team’s athletes, the jerseys will be auctioned and the entire proceeds will be donated to help those who, every day, are fighting against this emergency: on behalf of the Movistar Team, funds will be sent to the Red Cross while Alé will support the Italian Civil Defense. The contest is open to all fans and will run from 13 April to 26 April 2020. It will be promoted through the social networks of Alé and the team. To join the initiative just go to the Alé website and download the pattern. Fans can color it by taking care not to cover or color the logos. Afterwards they should share their work in a post on social media (hashtag #SeguimosConectados and “tag” @Alecyclingofficial @movistar_team). Votes will take place in two different steps. In the first phase, at the discretion of Alé stylists and Movistar Team designers, a first tranche of 6 jerseys will be chosen; in the second phase the six jerseys will be published on the Instagram profiles of Alé Cycling and Movistar Team and everyone will be able to vote for the winner. The jersey with the most votes will be the winning one and will be published on the social channels @Alecyclingofficial and @movistar_team with the indication of the name of the winner, who will receive one jersey as a prize.

The pattern can be downloaded here

Source: ‘Press Office’ A.P.G. S.r.l. – Bonferraro di Sorgà (VR) – T. +39 045 6655175
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