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  • Aggiunto: Settembre 8, 2022

  • Prezzo di saldo: €189

  • Condizione: Brand New

  • Posizione: Italy

  • Stato: Brescia

  • Città: Brescia

  • Telefono: +393471271745

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ENJOY CYCLING, IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS WITH ONE OF THE LIGHTEST PRO CYCLING PHOTOCHROMIC/POLARIZED SUNGLASSES ON THE MARKET TODAY Ride in safety with ‘Out Of’ professional Piuma Sunglasses. From early morning to late evening rides, in the sun or dark misty, “The One” lenses will be the perfect companion. There is no industrial top-secret behind the success of the ‘Out of’ Piuma (feather); we “only” took the best Grilamid and infused it with carbon fibre. Each piece is made in Italy and has a different percentage of carbon. This allowed us to reduce the volumes by obtaining glasses that look like a Feather. 😎 WEIGHT 16.8 Gramms 😎 CARBON MADE Carbon-infused Grilamid ensures the perfect combination of structure and weight 😎 PHOTOCHROMIC AND POLARIZED SUNGLASSES Ride from morning to night always having the perfect lens 😎 COMPATIBLE WITH HELMETS Perfect fit with all helmets 😎 CARBON MIXED WITH GRILAMID Each piece go Grilamid has been infused with a different percentage of carbon fibre for the perfect combination of comfort, weight and strength. The frames have been redesigned to offer you the best, with the minimum weight and maximum visible coverage. DAWN UNTIL SUNSET Our photochromic and polarised The One lenses are activated thanks to UV rays, so they adapt their darkness according to the light. Enjoy the ride, without worrying about the weather! In addition, the polarised filter integrated into the lens completely eliminates annoying reflections, so you can see all the details of the terrain. 😎 PRODUCT SPECS > Lens: The One Gelo > Blue mirror photochromic polarized on yellow base > S2-S3 > Road cycling, Gravel biking, Mtb, Cycle tourism, Ski touring, fishing, snow terrains 😎 OTHER FEATURES > Weight: 16.8g > Grilamid and carbon fibre frame > Made in Italy > Cylindrical lens > Helmet compatible > Microfiber pouch included for protection and cleaning > 100% UV protection > Dimensions: 151mm x 174mm x 62mm 🛍️ BUY NOW ON https://www.vistashop.online/collections/cycling/products/out-of-piuma-black-the-one-quarzo * 10% discount code at checkout 35JGM03K08MY /* */


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