Smith Forefront Helmet (Non MIPS)

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  • Aggiunto: 26 Marzo, 2020

  • Prezzo di saldo: £110

  • Condizione: Brand New

  • Posizione: United Kingdom

  • Stato: Surrey

  • Città: Woking

  • Telefono: +44 0800 678 5975

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Another fabulous, comfortable and effective helmet from Smith. Supreme protection to help you look after those grey cells should any encounters with rocks, trees or hammer wielding nutters out on the trail.

The EPS / Koroyd combo sorts out the blunt force trauma side of things whilst the MIPS will help reduce any axial / twisting damage that can happen when you hit something hard. The MIPS lets the helmet swivel on your head and helps absorb the G-Forces associated with this type of impact.

The award winning Forefront. A full-coverage helmet ideal for all-mountain riding or racing, the Forefront’s AEROCORE™ construction featuring Koroyd® creates a low volume helmet with ventilated protection that fully integrates with your sunglasses, goggles, light, or POV camera. Available with MIPS in select colors.

Original price: £155


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